YEN.FM is your weekly digest to understanding and exploring our metacreator world: News, tools, platforms, and strategies that are driving the startup & builder class, the passion economy, and the #nocode / #lowcode / future of work.

Our mission @ YEN is simple:

We empower metacreators to build great metabusinesses!

We do that through free content, education, and featuring folks in our community who are leading the charge into a brave, new, metacreator & metaverse!

It’s Getting Even Crazier Now…

Hi! I’m John, and I’m glad you’re here, especially since I’m pretty-much obsessed with building startup businesses and the amazing communities that support them!

More specifically, I’ve been studying, building, and even writing software for communities for the last 20+ years. And I still can’t get enough.

It was the mid-1990’s and I knew that community was “my thing” when I discovered that I could help adults learn Actionscript without them knowing anything about me; especially my age — I was just a teenager! The forums gave me an unforgettable taste of the internet’s power to connect strangers in order to help solve problems. What a gift it truly is!

“Community" wasn’t really a word back then and was most-definitely not understood as a “business strategy”, unlike today. Now, community is growing industry that has not just proven to have serious (in the billions of dollars!!) business value, the bravest of venture capitalists are helping to lay the foundation of an entire new class of product and enterprise.

And, a “Community Manager” isn’t just something someone does on-the-side; it’s a full blown job title and growing career arch that I believe will inevitably become the most-valuable role in the entire organization. I believe it in my bones!

But, there is a limit and we’re just about there.

So, this newsletter is one-part personal memo and two-parts reminder to consume only the best of what’s out there — find the most relevant news, useful tools, and practical insights, some that may represent current “best practice” while other resources may be challenging the status-quo.

In the end, I promise to not waste your time.

— john metacreator@8BIT

All the content is 100%, forever-free and viewable via our archives on Substack and the proper homepage: YEN.FM.

Why the Name “YEN.FM”?

For starters, I had already purchased the domain and so it didn’t cost me anything out-of-pocket (gotta pinch them pennies). Secondly, as a software engineer obsessed with data, I’ve always thought of communities on the internet as federated media — an agreement and alliance between humans to accomplish shared goals.

YEN is my startup and a federated media platform that will help individuals and businesses build community.

But, we haven’t launched yet so we’re starting with a newsletter.