📻 — AMA on Building, Launching and Email Newsletter

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Good morning yenizens!

This week has been crazy-full of great interviews and deep-dives! For instance, here was the lineup this week:

Monday: Let’s Meet Brian Oblinger
Tuesday: How to Launch an Online Community with the Lean Framework
Wednesday:Sex Work and Building / Monetizing an Audience
Thursday: Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” for Community

So, as you can tell, it’s been a full week and ton of writing! Consequently, something a tad bit different, shall we?


I’ve got an AMA on Email Newsletters today and I’d love to see if we can get THIRTY QUESTIONS (30!!) posted on the forum (or should I say… “forem”… 🤣).

🛑 — Head to the post and drop a question!

Need a few more thoughts on how to use email newsletters to grow your audience, business, and/or community? I have a tweetstorm too:

Thanks folks! Appreciate the support!

To infinity & community,

— john