📻 — Collaboration, Virtual Care, and Making 6-Figures in 6 Days

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One of the best things about running your own (newsletter) universe is that you get to make executive decisions on every single issue. This is especially fun in these early-days as I’m still figuring out the content style and overall flow; I can also adhere to my conventions or ignore them at-will.

Hey, it’s good to be your own boss! Today we’ve got 3 choice links for your reading pleasure and review.

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1. The Future of the Enterprise is Community

Elad on the Collaborative Enterprise:

…the movement to truly collaborative tooling for the business world is one of the two new big paradigm shifts for enterprises after the cloud (the other being Nocode / Lowcode / RPA). The Collaborative Enterprise is finally coming, and it is coming fast due to shifts in technology, user behavior, and bottoms up distribution.

Elad Gil

Finally coming? It’s already here! You know what’s even more funny? He doesn’t use the word “community” a single time in this ~1,300 word post! And yet we all know that the rise of community is the literal backbone of this “collaborative” growth within the enterprise!

It’s a reminder that we all have quite a bit of work to do because “big cos” still can’t seem to say the word “community” without rolling their eyes.

(I like Elad, btw… not a dig on him personally!)

2. Making That Money, Yo.

I actually highlighted James Traf in our last article and the hits keep on coming! He managed to earn > $101,000 in sales in just 6 days! He used a combination of free, off-the-shelf tools and then went to town.

Here are a few high-level strategies that he shares:

  1. Publish Often — “They say that fortune favors the bold. In the internet age, the bold are those that aren’t afraid to publish their work for the world to see.”

  2. Act Immediately — Don’t miss out on the opportunities before you.

  3. Be Transparent — Share what works, and share what doesn’t.

  4. Have a Clear Schedule — Self-explanatory. Create time or it’ll own you.

  5. Charge More — You’re pricing too low.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 4,188 total icon sales

  • $116,147 in revenue

  • 97% profit margins

  • 6.2m impression

  • 216,800 visitors

🛑 — Your turn.

3. The Virtual Care Tech Stack

From Lily Bernicker of Collaborative Fund:

Now that patients are comfortable and providers can get paid for telehealth, the biggest barriers to more creative virtual care platforms are technical.

Collaborative Fund

Technology can make us stronger (and live longer) if we apply it rightly and well. A big part of our continual management of health is that we have healthy relationships (and community). I see big opportunities to bridge community-centric technology and telehealth and I can’t wait to see what folks do with it.

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