📻 — Creators & Solopreneurs in 2021: 3 Quick Predictions on the Future of Community-Centric Revenue Creation

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Hey yenizens!

Last week was insanely-busy and I’m glad this week should prove to be a bit less intense, all things considered.

Before we jump-in, a few good reads to share around your community:

  1. Storyboard looks… sick.

  2. The creator middle-class via Li Jin

  3. BTS and the Fan Economy — This is really, really interesting.

  4. Discord Moderator Academy

  5. Sex workers and crypto — How about that bitcoin though?

  6. A Guide to Unbundling (Reddit) — Great step-by-step on how to build a new project / community; maybe even a CommSaaS.

  7. Creator hierarchy of needs — basic and useful!

To infinity & community,

— john

I’ve already shared Li Jin’s creator-centric newsletter and if you haven’t subscribed, it’s a decent read in-between all of the other subscriptions that you’re drowning in!

No, in all seriousness, Li’s is one of the better ones and the other night she asked her community to answer a few survey questions on the future of the creator / solopreneur, something that I’ve been obsessing over for…

… well, it seems like most of my (professional) life! So, I had to give her a few of my concise thoughts to help her out.

And, in the spirit of open-source and building in the open I thought I’d share my answers here with my yenizens as well.

Now, there is a chance that they may get published in an upcoming newsletter issue of Li’s but I’m sure she’s got a ton of great responses; regardless, they were good questions and worthwhile for us to think about as a community!

Feel free to answer them yourself as well!

So here’s what I shared…

Prediction One: In 2021, Creators / Solopreneurs will…

… mark a historic rise of what I call “The Community Gigster” or “On-Demand Community Leader“; we will see unprecedented growth in community-centric roles (e.g. community managers, moderators, and more) as well as a new class of solopreneur who can build a full-stack b2b saas without a crazy-amount of resources.

These bootstrapped platforms are part of CommSaaS, community-centric B2B SaaS.

Prediction Two: The Best Emerging Way for Creators / Solopreneurs to Monetize will be to…

… diversify their offerings and go wide, which is a big counter-intuitive at first blush.

Consequently, successful creators will not only diversify their income streams but also the type and kind, mixing services with products with community-powered, event-specific opportunities to build brand awareness and convert fans / followers into to revenue-generating community members.

Prediction Three: The Biggest Challenge Creators / Solopreneurs Will Face in 2021 is…

… the copycat product, service, platform, and community.

Creators will have to effectively create unique, distinguishable value to capture attention and ultimately (recurring) subscriptions in an ever-growing #nocode / #lowcode world.

🛑 — TL;DR: Bring your A-game or gtfo.

And a few final words…

… I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t at least mention a HUGE win for us and our #yeniverse! We successfully launched our first public iteration of our new #commsaas platform on Friday! 🎉 👏🏻 🥳 😂

🦄 — Our #yenOG fam is currently test-driving the platform and I’m going to be spending much more of my time there helping folks prepare to get their businesses / communities profitable!

This is our special business-building playground, a permanent spot where yenizens can discuss community-building strategies, tactics, and more!

Early-access will be open up in 2021 via our newsletter, YEN.FM — stay tuned for more details!

👇🏻 — Give me YOUR PREDICTION(S) for 2021!

I gave you my 3 predictions… you give me one of yours! I’ll randomly choose ONE WINNER (via one comment) to receive a free YEN-branded hoodie in celebration of our recent soft-launch!

📝 — Get to it!