📻 — Hey! I Believe in You.

This is your Community, Daily.

Good morning yenizens!

Before we jump into a slightly different issue… a few fun links to check out, share, and chat around with your own communities!

  1. The Weeknd spent $7M on his own half-time show. It works.

  2. Tesla and Bitcoin. Live retail for TikTokAudio. How to tell a brand story.

  3. Luma profile. Monetize social. ($$) Podstack Notion templates.

  4. Hide URL? Mark Cuban and podcasting company? Reddit raises.

To infinity & community,

— john

I have a slightly different message for you this morning and I hope you don’t mind! I just woke up today and after a handful of meetings I realized that I just wanted to share some words of encouragement to the YENIVERSE and to all my friends, peers, colleagues, builders, startup founders, and entrepreneurs who are grinding hard and fighting discouragement.

I just want to say to you two things:

  1. I believe in you.

  2. I’m here to help.

Life is not meant to be done alone and if you’re finding yourself a bit too far “inside your own head” then I’d love to be a conversation partner for you! We can chat projects, starting companies, building systems, hacking / growing community… whatever you’d like, I’m down!

Email or DM me anytime. Love you all!

Have a great one.