📻 — On Hiring a Community Gigster (via Twitter!!) & Living in a Better, Happier Future

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Good morning yeniverse!

I hope you had a restful weekend! It’s been a bit of a crazier one than I’ve wanted as I made a quick decision to hire someone last week and their first day is… today!

But what makes this all so exciting is that it all started literally 2 weeks ago when a new reader and yenizen, @authorette let me know that she had subscribed and given us a special spot in her email inbox!

🦄 — You know what to do!! Let’s shower her with a bit of love this morning!! Leave a comment or tweet @ her!

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I take every subscriber seriously as I know how precious our inboxes are! I responded accordingly:

Making new friends is a lot easier and faster with the internet and with high-speed communication tools you can get to know someone really fast! Bonus if they have an “internet history” — a blog, a trail of content that you can explore, traverse, and consume, learning all about them not just quickly but also comprehensively.

What a time to be alive!

Relationship building for folks like me who have historically struggled to make serious and lasting relationships IRL have been given a real, second chance at being happy.

If that sounds too far-fetched I seriously beg to differ! Modern tools have made it infinitely more easy to build deep, abiding, meaningful, and sustained relationships without the hassle of being in the same room.

Consequently, the quality of my very life has dramatically improved every year as the web gets more colorful, rich, and powerful. This is the very reason why I’ve dedicated myself to building them and helping others do the same: Democratize community building or die trying.

When I meet folks who’s lives are better because of their internet community(ies), I know that those people are my people. Besides, game recognizes game and she immediately wanted to connect me with someone else she respected (total powermove): Chris Brogan.

But, here’s the thing — Chris and I are buds, we go way back:

Truth be told, I actually did some contract work for him more than 10 years ago and after that we built a fun and unique relationship; he even graciously included my story in one of his (many!) books circa 2014.

In his book he lovingly calls me (and his many friends) titles like “freak”, “weirdo”, “misfit”, and “world dominator” and while I’ll take them all I’m honestly still working on that last one. 😜

Chris and I quickly connect and 5 days later we’re doing a live broadcast together with some other amazing guests (I show up ~30 minutes in):

The timing of this was both curious and seemingly-serendipitous as I was also looking to hire our first content / community intern:

The thread, in a nutshell, is a public job posting where the ideal candidate will apply directly to the tweetstorm, itself, in a public and transparent way.

Yes, if that scares a few of you I wouldn’t be surprised — applying publicly to a job sounds all-kinds of weird but from my angle I thought it was both appropriate and expedient, the two essential ingredients for getting anything done on the internet!

What I mean by “appropriate and expedient” is precisely that: It was a simple, effective, free, and fast way to quickly qualify someone for the role!

More-so, one of our core operating virtues @ YEN is “Table All The Things” which can be summarized as being transparent and open in as many ways as we possibly can be with one another, as often as we can.

A natural consequence of this belief is the behavior of building in the open, a simple yet powerful idea of sharing what we know as often as we can, in the most transparent way possible. Sharing your work publicly is the literal job so it makes sense to be able to test that in real-time.

I had a handful of applicants but it was obvious from the jump that @authorette was one of us. Quickly, we jumped on a call, chatted through particulars, and here we are.

[Aside: Before I go any further I just want to give a mega-shoutout to @serjhunt_ARK who went next-level with his application!]

I called it a few days later:

And, as I sit back and type this I can’t help but feel like I’m living in the future, a better one where in just a few click taps of the mouse and keyboard we’re literally transported into new relationships — as well as old — where new value and even job creation can be done at the speed of modern work.

The internet was made for this and we were made for it.

Hiring someone on Twitter, via Twitter, feels as natural as it should be and the community gigster and on-demand community leader will be poised to take their rightful spot at the head of the table and not because we’re the most well equipped to handle the growing demands of a community-centric world but because we’re simply the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Community leaders live and die for their communities — it’s our fetish.

I’m grateful for bold, courageous folks who also see this better way of doing things; sure, our tools and platforms aren’t perfect, yet, but we’re getting closer each and everyday.

And my life gets progressively happier.

Welcome to the team Michele — hope you got some sleep, cause, it’s time to get this party started! So glad you said “Yes“!

— john

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Have a great week folks!