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Good morning yeniverse!

I hope you’re having a great one! We’ll just jump straight into it, shall we? Here’s your usual list of resources and links that I’ve found around the internet — enjoy!

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  6. $1600 MRR. Don’t outsource customer workWhy? Boys club. Keeping in touch.

  7. NYTimes A/B testingKnotsFocus. BTC is real. Bottom-up pricing. Next Gen.

  8. Genocide. CH will failRetention. When to interrupt. Platform brandsAdvice.

  9. OS dbFlameshot. A better LILost. GPT-3China. Thoughts on validation.

  10. Orbit is pretty fucking coolChartCSS. Common mistakes for managers.

To infinity & community,

— john

It’s been about 8 weeks since my team and I embarked on an epic rebuild of our core architecture to the community platform that we’re building for all of you and last night — late — we deployed it moving us one step closer to public launch.

I’m tired… excited… and incredibly sorry that there are so many things broken in the new BETA! But, I’m not sweating it at all because I know that we’re doing it right — The CommSaaS Way™️. We are:

  1. Building in the Open — We’re sharing our progress publicly via a few different vectors like Twitter, YouTube (a new podcast is coming!), and in our own yeniverse.

  2. Community-centric — We co-build with the community, taking cues and feedback seriously while also staying true to our mission & vision. We also shorten our design / development cycles because we don’t waste time building things that our community doesn’t want or need.

  3. Consistent Communication IS Community — We engage daily with our community through the platforms that we intentionally picked to carry our message into the internet, especially this growing YEN.FM channel!

I’m so grateful that we get to do what we do and build for the folks that we know, serve, and love.

A quick reminder via Ray Dalio on micro / macro economics. I think of these often as I build not just my project and community but also the technology and systems that power them.

I imagine they’ll be helpful for you — give these a few minutes of your time:

  1. Don’t have debt rise faster than income, because your debt burdens will eventually crush you.

  2. Don’t have income rise faster than productivity, because you will eventually become uncompetitive.

  3. Do all that you can to raise your productivity, because, in the long run, that’s what matters most.

Thanks Ray.