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Hey yenizens!

I hope you’ve had a great start to your week! I’ve got a quick-fire round of 10+ links that might be worth a click… I’d choose one or two and then forget the rest. 


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Record, transcribe, and capture the best parts of a zoom call? That’s what Grain is all about.

Unstack gives folks a peek into how they’re put together their Slack-powered community — besides a load of how-tos, there’s a some real nuggets of hard-earned truth:

There’s no one tool that makes an online community perfect. I’ve stopped spending valuable time searching for one, and I’ve come to the conclusion that community management and community building is a lot of manual work.

It is… it truly is.

Descript‘s product looks fantastic and their marketing video above was entertaining and clever — I plan on trying it a bit later this week, especially for the amount of video that I do.

Spatial video-chat worlds for work and play? That’s Gather and they’ve recently launched on Product Hunt. I test-drove it and it’s an interesting concept on what is effectively “virtual meetings”:

Should the professional be political? Are we allowed to be? A company that’s at the center of these questions recently is Coinbase:

[The Coinbase] drama revolves around two issues: the narrow one of whether a company should issue a Black Lives Matter statement, and the general one of whether a company should permit or even encourage political activism.

via Atlantic

As community builders and leaders, these topics aren’t “fringe” — they are in our faces every single day. How we handle these things matter.

Just like Jack has said about “software businesses” I believe is true for online communities, especially with the growing number of available platforms for folks to use: You don’t need to write code to build a community.

We live in some really amazing times as community builders!

BTS is still destroying records (and breaking hearts) globally but beyond the record-smashing financials is the way they’ve grown and used technology to build a worldwide audience, especially during the pandemic.

I believe that virtual, live events are going to become an even bigger part of how we build community online — and boy and girl bands may be some of the most obvious pioneers.

Here.fm just raised a round of cash to reimagine what chat rooms could be like by allowing you to customize the “room” as like a… virtual… desktop…? I think that’s the best description that I can muster at this point in time.

Give it a quick whirl and let me know your thoughts.

I’m not always sure of what someone is talking about when they say “employee advocacy platform” but that’s what EveryoneSocial is.

Another internal social network / knowledge base / intranet? What.

And finally, three career-related links:

  1. Breaking Into & Thriving in Venture Capital

  2. A tweetstorm about cofounder relationships

  3. See Your Career as a Product

Have a good one folks.