📻 — Using The 5 Question Protocol in Community Leadership

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I spent a lot more time on yesterday’s issue than I normally do (made a magical .gif!) but that’s because it was such a wonderful breakdown of how to build a new project / community, step-by-step — a definite companion article that should serve you well in your new community-building endeavors!

Enjoy todays short and useful issue.

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The 5 Question Protocol was specifically designed to slow the viewer down, so they can more accurately understand the (medical) issues that are being presented. This is specifically useful in training doctors to become more aware of their patients and their needs so as to more correctly provide the proper solutions.

After watching this video I immediately saw the utility in building functioning and healthy communities online — here are the 5 questions:

  1. What do you see?

  2. Does it remind you of anything?

  3. What’s the story here?

  4. What information would help you confirm your hypothesis?

  5. What have you learned about yourself as an observer?

By asking these questions more often, clinicians and practitioners can become more aware of their interpretation of a situation and how their interpretation has been informed and/or conditioned by their biases, assumptions, and any of the cognitive shortcuts that can sometimes lead to diagnostic errors.

That’s a fancy way of saying: Increased self-awareness is… good. 😄

You can begin to see how useful this might be as a way of thinking through community leadership, management, and even a skill and practice that we can introduce to the communities that we lead, serve, and participate in.

You can learn more via The University of Rochester’s resource here. Feel free to pass it around if you find it useful!