📻 — Weekly Power-Up: Take a Moment to Level-Up Your “Levels of Listening” Skills

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Good morning yeniverse!

Today’s issue is short and to the point, an exercise of leveling-up our listening skills to make us better leaders, partners, relationship-builders, community creators, and business operators!

It’s a quick lesson that I really enjoyed doing recently in a cohort-based leadership training course and that I’ve been attempting to apply in my own life — I’d love to challenge you as well!

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Have a great humpday folks!

To infinity & community,

— john

There are 3 levels of listening that we use every single day with whomever we interact with, whether that’s our peers, colleagues, spouses, friends, and even pets!

The 3 levels are as-follows:

  • Level 1: Internal listening, where your attention is focused on your own thoughts, feelings, and interpretations.

  • Level 2: Intensely listening to other, where your attention is pointed, with laser-like focus, on the person you are listening to.

  • Level 3: Global listening, which has a soft, receptive focus that encompasses everything around you, includes all your senses and your environment as well.

I particularly enjoy “Level 3” conversations as they are the most relaxed and usually the most intimate types, where people have “let their guards down” and are vulnerable, honest, and open with one another. I remember that some of the best times with my partner and spouse — especially while dating and courting her! — were conversations that lasted into the late-nights / early-mornings that were squarely in Level 3.

Now, the goal isn’t to be in “Level 3” all the time as that would be impossible and set the expectations too high to be reasonable and approachable. Rather, the goal and point of this mental exercise is to develop a greater sense of what level you’re at in the moment and then adjusting your behavior, posture, and presence to be more optimal and more receptive to the people that you’re presently engaged with.

In other words, this is an exercise in self-awareness!

And, in that way, as you become more adept at micro-adjustments on-the-fly, you’ll be better positioned and receptive to your audience, online or offline.

How to practice:

  1. In your next conversation, see how quickly you can get to Level 3.

  2. Try to take “level checks” throughout the conversation and observe the level that you naturally fall (back) into and how quickly you can revert or course-correct.

  3. Notice how certain relationships may naturally tend toward one specific level; is this a good thing or bad thing? Talk it out with a friend.

  4. See if you can guess what level the other person is at and ask them why they aren’t trying to get to Level 3 with you (this is very direct but may actually be a fun chat about “focus” and “attention”).

Have fun with it!