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It’s Week #8 of the #yenBOOKCLUB and here are a few of my personal notes that I’ve captured in last week’s reading (Chapter #7) — and, of course, I’d love chat over the book with you during #yenHOURS today! Feel free to stop by if you have time!

  1. The most challenging type of innovation — and the riskiest – is that in which both the product and the users are new. A revolutionary innovation creates entirely new markets, but this happens only rarely.

  2. Workshops helps expose people to design thinking as a new approach. Pilot projects help market the benefits of design thinking within the organization, and leadership focuses the program of change and gives people permission to learn and experiment.

  3. Design thinking is unlikely to become an exact science but there is an opportunity to transform it from a black art into a systematically applied management approach. The trick is to do this without sucking the life out of the creative process — to balance management’s legitimate requirement for stability, efficiency, and predictability with the design thinker’s need for spontaneity, serendipity, and experimentation.

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. We only have a few more weeks of this #yenBOOKCLUB! What should we read next?

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