📻 — Get Your Core Product Offering Right, Then Iterate.

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Good morning yeniverse!

I’ve been sick. Tired. Clammy. Eww. I’m having a bit of a delayed reaction to my vaccination that’s leaving me in a pool of my own sweat when I wake up; totally gross (sorry for the over-share)!

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Oh, and help me with a rec? To infinity & community,

— john

I did a tweetstorm on this great post!

A very fun one, I might add.

This was a fun podcast about the importance of moving quickly through your iterative process. But, one of the absolutely essential points is this as everything effectively hinges upon you getting this right:

You need the core product, whatever it is, to be strong and polished. The idea is to get the core out very quickly to start testing, then once you feel super confident about that, you can build on top of it.

Gabi Shalel

If the core product isn’t right then you’ll be effectively iterating on nothing (useful); just spinning wheels.