Get to Know: Alex Angel

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It's been a bit of a wild weekend as we all destroyed the original goal that I had set out for October! THANK YOU ALL for an unbelievable start to our small little newsletter on the internet!

Now, let's get into today's community professional feature with Alex Angel!

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I've gotten to know Alex Angel (also known as @knitting4cats) through Commsor's Community Club, an online community that she's been growing and leading since 2020. They have an incredibly-active Slack group where you're essentially guaranteed to get an emoji (or two) from her!

She was also one of the first to say "Yes" to test-driving our Monday "Community Leader Feature" which says a lot about her character, her willingness to support new community projects, and her overall badass-ery around the internets.

Thank you Alex for volunteering "as tribute" this week!

What's your one-liner?:

Connoisseur of niche online communities.

The moment you realized community was your jam?

The first time I realized that I was part of an online community was in 2004, when I started playing a game called Kingdom of Loathing.

What is this game...

In theory I was technically part of other online communities prior to this (like when I pretended to be a considerably older guy back in the 90's in AOL chatrooms), but it was only when I got into the world of guilds in KoL that it really clicked for me that I was community-obsessed.

I loved connecting with people from all over and creating a space that folks wanted to hang out in, and I just knew that I had to pursue it in some capacity.

A few years later I became a moderator of a couple small communities on reddit (/r/fifthworldproblems and /r/snackexchange) and spent (way) too much time figuring out the best framework for them so more people could get together and talk about the existential crises facing those in the 5th world and to exchange tasty snacks with people from anywhere in the world.

I remember loving it and, without really thinking about what it meant to BE a "community manager" I asked the folks at reddit if I could join the team as a CM and my fate was sealed.

(Alex spent nearly 5 years in community @ Reddit, eventually becoming the Head of Community! It goes without saying: She's seen some shit!)

The best thing you've seen (or experienced) recently:

Substack doesn’t allow Tiktok embeds… (ᵟຶ︵ ᵟຶ)… but, you’ll have to check this out!

I've also been binge watching feel-good shows and K-Dramas, and I highly recommend Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.

The Peter Thiel Question: What is one thing you believe to be true about (online) community that very few people agree with you on?

Many of my once-controversial opinions about community are now the mainstream, so I don't know what people might disagree with apart from the fact that I like Slack as a community platform and that Facebook should never be used for community building.

Who should we feature next?

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