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Helloooooooo yeniverse!

It’s Friday! Another great week in the bag (and the first of April)! Let’s get it in.

  1. My 1st program. NFTs via a16z. Tab zero? Not badMusically. Demo excite!

  2. MacroHistory. Never missByproductsProcessDeadlines! The WeKing.

  3. Equitable? Cohort course communitiesGetyuzu. Nocode APIZylaInvoicy. A/B.

  4. Good, bad, uglyPrograms. Comm @ WebflowEnterprization. Be weird.

  5. Orbit OS. Wow on those resources. Build Dev.to. Startup leadership. LI creator?!

  6. Reddit chaosCongrats! Eat frogsOrbiit. Community guide? This is pro.

  7. Haters. Highest value first. $305MApprovedBoomer. Paypal cryptoStealth!

  8. Lost founder. Reform transparency. Zoom SDKRegulationRangeRobots.

  9. Building a marketplaceMadness? Zero podcastCyoniaHiring. NFTs quick.

  10. Digital game night. Yac meet. Covid techReasonalAntiSuesSubstack.

To infinity & community,

— john

I make 1-4 angel investments per year; check sizes sit between $5k to $25k. Sometimes I’ll use systems like Republic or AngelList and sometimes I won’t, depending on the entrepreneur.

Now, I’m not a sophisticated investor by any stretch of the imagination as my only “strategy” is to invest in folks that I know and trust. Usually this means that we’ve been friends for a while and we know more about one another’s lives than just the software that they’re trying to build.

I made just one investment last year and it was for a long-time friend (image above); in 2021 I’ve made 2 investments so far and so I’ll allow myself 1-2 more this year, if it happens at all.

Why am I sharing this information? Well, for a few simple reasons:

  1. I want to build my portfolio; I want to do more investments (in both # of total investments per year and size of check) as I build my own wealth through my projects and my family’s financial planning. I want to start telling more folks that I’m interested in these types of things and to star building out my portfolio.

  2. I’m starting to develop my own personal investment thesis; I don’t really have one outside of what I’ve shared above and I want to become more sophisticated over the next few years. This is why I spend a lot of time reading about venture capital from “both sides of the table” sotospeak. In short, I need more practice and time in the investor “seat” so I can learn my craft.

  3. I want to make more money; more specifically (and i other words), I want the extra money that I have to start making money by itself. Investing in high-risk ventures is one way to put one’s “money to work” as they say.

There’s a great deal to “venture capital” that I still need to learn but the fundamentals, as far as I can tell, aren’t that too tough to get started. The hardest part is “deal flow”; getting connected with great entrepreneurs and then shutting the fuck up and listening — really listening — to the plans that they have to build us a much better and more exciting future!

It’s about investing in trustworthy people who are building products that people want and who have a processes and playbooks that are working; hey, this might be the foundation to my thesis!

In any case… I’m listening… hit me up anytime if you’ve got a great project that follows The #CommSaaS Way™️. Have a great weekend!