📻 — Metacreators and the Infinite Loop of Personal Branding in the (Coming) Metaverse

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Good morning yenizens!

I changed things up — again (but that’s kind of the point, right?).

This weekend I pulled the trigger on a long-awaited “personal branding” change-up that sounds like something much more dramatic than it needs to be. Effectively, I did the following this weekend:

  1. I changed the @yenFTW twitter account to present a more “formal,” branded account. I updated the avatar image, the description text, and I spent 3-4 hours updating links around all of our properties on the internet. I shared a few thoughts on the transition as well as the new focus here — it’s scant, for now, but as I experiment and test-drive this new reality I’m sure we’ll find a new pace! I’ll manage the account formally until we scale out the team. Follow for “daily quests” and fun community exercises! We’ll keep it light and super-userful.

  2. I returned to using my personal (and super-fucking awesome) @8BIT handle and it felt like riding a bike, you know? Sometimes you just know that it’s “time” to get back to the basics. How did I get such a great @username? That’s a good question and probably deserves a larger post. But, feel free to follow me on this verified (!!! L(° O °L) !!!) account; yes, I’m flexing so hard.

  3. And from a timing / business perspective, I’m making this transition because we are getting closer to releasing a more publicly-accessible version of our beta soon and the @yenFTW account will spend much more time highlighting the success stories of our yenizens and the projects, businesses, and communities you all are building!

Now, for some of you, this isn’t a surprise. This is like the 1,000,000th time I’ve changed-up my personal brand or swapped “main” accounts for “alts” and such. I keep a very game-centric feel to my virtual identities and avatars and it’s important that I can mix, match, and swap them at a moment’s notice while minimizing downsides and follower confusion.

These are important issues for all of us, of course. Most of us have many different profiles / avatars / representations that showcase and highlight different parts of who we are and how we want to be treated on the internet. The infinite composability of our identities is something that technology (and society) is just coming to terms with and YEN and our amazing #yeniverse community will be a big part of that future.

This is an infinite game; an infinite loop of construction and destruction of our multivariate forms of identity. Whether they are persistent or ephemeral isn’t as important as the ability to build, create, share, and access them in an infinite-number of permutations. The reason why this is important is simple: We have all become metacreators, builders of the imminent and inevitable future of the metaverse.

The question that we all must ask, and authentically answer for ourselves, is this: What part will I play?

If you’re a yenizen then you’re already a metacreator because that’s where we’re all headed, together. I’d love to challenge you to join me by adding #yenizen in your twitter bio:

This is going to be a very, very exciting year.

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  10. EU VCDogeforever. Can’t go back. Just do it. More naval.

To infinity & community,

— john

A great high-level resource of tools, many of which I’ve captured already on our open source YENIVERSE page but I’m going to have to walk through some of these and make some additions, for sure.

That’s it folks, have a great day!