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Good morning yenizens!

#YENIVERSE Season 1 of the vlog is back up in this mother! I’m excited to bring all of you for the journey as we explore the creation of the metaverse! We all have a very important part to play, mind you. Either you will be part of the coming sea-change or you will be left behind.

Which one will you be?

  1. Start hereDevRelHistoryTikTokDifferentyenKIDSTooling11.

  2. BaaS. Get someHirenowLXIZipMessageCommentsDeckbase.

  3. Taproot. Community LedSerious. No no noIntimacy. Take careYes.

  4. Ultra. Positive notes. Stalker city. Big deal. StrategyConcernCool.

  5. Daughters. It’s back. Go direct. Second placeUpBinanceFraud.

  6. Startups. They triedPinterestGood. Celebrate winsReshufflingGreat.

  7. SplitsMoneySingle-minded determination. The right games. Eat it.

  8. The Metacreator Middle Class. Shopify doing it rightBluecheckWrite.

  9. AtlantaWhoopsDiemDisgusting. Voice actingKids. Wait, what?!

  10. Fuckinglol. Do you? Hand motionsUltimateOvernight. Get paid more.

To infinity & community,

— john

Wow. Just wow. I have nothing but respect for Justin. I was a customer of Atrium on both the services side of the house as well as a candidate for their “Series A” accelerator (or whatever they called it). Check out this vlog from way-back:

Startups are hard.

“Don’t Be The Best, Be The Only”

via Kevin Kelly and NFX:

  • The one thing that I’ve been impressed by in talking to many high achievers, not just entrepreneurs, but all classes from actors, singers, musicians, business people, and writers …. the more curly-Q their career path was, the higher they went.

  • Almost none of them have a direct path. Anybody on a direct path I would be skeptical of.

  • I think a meander is almost essential, but certainly conducive to really becoming a world-class individual and an only.

  • I resonate with this idea that is often attributed to Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, which is “Don’t be the best, be the only.”

  • I am really interested in companies and individuals who are the only, who’ve become the only. And that to me is a much better place to be than just merely the best.

  • The only would be this guy who does “Magic for Humans”, Justin Willman. He’s a magician with a very special style. He’s a street magician that’s wrapped up his magic into themes about fatherhood or motherhood or telling the truth. As far as I can tell, he’s the only person doing it. That’s a niche for him. It’s a certain kind of magic and a sermon.

  • He’s an only in my book. He’s not really competing against other magicians. He has this little niche to himself.

  • Both as an individual and as a company, you want to work on something that nobody has a name for. When there’s no name for what you’re doing, that means that there’s no category and you have difficulty explaining to people what it is that you’re doing. That means that you are on the path to the only because there’s no category.

There is only room for the authentic version of you. If the yeniverse doesn’t get it… then, who does?

A few key thoughts from Tommy Palm, the co-founder / CEO of Sweden’s Resolution Games via The Information ($$$):

Work-life balance is a constant topic of discussion in game development. Long stretches of overtime, known as crunch, are pervasive throughout the industry. At Resolution, how do you structure and manage projects to ensure that people can work in a healthy way?

I think a lot of the crunch culture that exists in games is just that: culture. In all my companies that I’ve started or been a part of, we have made a big effort to say that it’s not about this particular game that we’re developing right now. It’s a marathon. We want people to be experienced and we can’t have them burn out on their first production.

There are several things that you can have in your process and methodology in order to make sure that you are creating a culture where everyone feels it’s okay to go home. One of the things that we’ve tried to do is to never just have one person in a role. We try to communicate openly with the player base as well, and say “we’re working on this, we think this is the deadline when we can release it,” but we’ll update them if something goes wrong.

Have a great one folks, love you all. Get some rest this weekend; we’re all going to need it badly.