📻 — BIG CHANGES AHEAD: YEN.FM is now The Metaverse Daily, New Content Schedule, Focus

This is your Metaverse, Daily.

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Hey yenizens!

Things are changing around these parts and I’ll just cut to the chase: We are re-focusing our content towards the imminent and exciting #metaverse and leaving behind the slightly-more boring focus on just “community” and “creator tools” (although I’ll still very much cover those things).

The reason is simply because this is part of my larger content and branding strategy for the YEN Project (aka “The Metaverse Company“) which includes this publication as well as a metaplatform that’s releasing in BETA soon. In fact, I spill the beans below…

… focus!

If things like “metacreator” and building “metabusinesses” in the “metaverse” aren’t interesting topics for you then that’s entirely cool! At the very least read this new and updated landing pages to see if anything resonates and if nothing does then feel free to UNSUBSCRIBE — no hard feelings! I know that your time is super-valuable and precious and I’d be the very last person to waste it — as you already know.

I respect each and every single one of my readers because I know that I must earn the right to enter their guarded email inboxes every morning and I take that very, very seriously — as serious as I do my own inbox (and I’m a fucking maniac when it comes to inbox / email management)!

If you do end up sticking around it’s important to also note a few, important operational and logistical changes that might also change your opinion — here’s what’s going down:

  1. I’ve moving to a weekly publication instead of daily. Some of you may love this while a number of you might (privately) rejoice. In either case the reasoning is simple: My role is going to change as my organization and startup changes and since I’ve done this before as a metacreator I know what the next evolution is going to be and, more importantly, feel like. What I’m going to need more than anything is time to think, strategize, and cope with the growing universe that we’re going to have, quite literally overnight. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, afraid, and even a little bit sad since I have loved writing this thing daily because writing is my art.

  2. Content focus will change slightly. You’ll still get an assortment of links and good-reads that I collect from the growing metaverse (like below) but the list may actually get larger! Imagine 5 days-worth of links in a single issue?! I’ll have to give that some thought… in any case, I’ll be reporting on all of the same types of things that you’ve come to know and love but I’ll also be adding a section dedicated to our growing community — THE YENIVERSE. This will mostly be stories of (growing) success for our metacreators as they build metabusinesses that they are super-proud of. My hope is to help at least 1,000 folks build profitable businesses this year and I’m going to need time and space to do just that. Part of that is sharing the stories via this popular newsletter which all of us have grown from scratch. Amazing.

  3. While I cannot guarantee size or length but what I can promise is delivery time: Friday Mornings, PST. You can now expect an issue of #yenFM in your inbox — fresh in the AM! — San Francisco time. I can’t wait to serve you every morning with a fresh dose of the metaverse and what’s happening in our world.

I love you all. Thank you for supporting this newsletter since from very beginning. I have loved, lovedloved writing for all of you and I’m so grateful to carve out time to do that at least once a week.

I’ll see you in the metaverse (and via Friday’s pub starting this week)! Here are your links:

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  5. Tiny projectsSimpleWrongAssembleAvoidHonest. Real art.

  6. ThisEddyNotepad. The right skillsMathsNever. Streaming kitOh.

  7. EmpathySelfcare. One of the better onesSelfish. No mobsEmo.

  8. Fun video in hereHypocrisy. The fuck. Loom, damn. Probably not for you.

  9. PonyKorea. Jaw on floor. Eternally gratefulNetflixFreedom is coming.

  10. TimSomniumFashionVesting. Easy betsFriendlyGamblingBut.

To infinity & community,

— john

Obviously, you’re probably wondering how the logistical chances of the publication cycle cited above impact the rest of my personal publication universe. Well, that would be a great and curious thing to think about! I’ll satiate you as it’s captured above for you.

This new schedule is pretty simple to follow:

  1. I’m writing (at least) 1 blog post per day on my personal blog: john.do. I’ve been doing this for 20+ years so this isn’t really something that I needed to even put in the line-up but it’s worth visually seeing the components all together.

  2. I’ll be uploading content to YouTube twice a week: john.show. With my new production team behind me I’ve been able to put together a handful of test-flights that I like and we’ve got a good rhythm now. I’m enjoying the process of capturing my thoughts candidly about my new METACREATOR LIFESTYLE™️ which is effectively the same lifestyle that I have now but I’m just calling it that to make it sound more cool. You know how we do.

  3. I’ll be hosting #yenHOURS twice a week — 3 hours of “open office” where I help other metacreators build their metabusinesses in the growing metaverse. I also will be using those times to help folks onboard into their personal YENIVERSE(es) and talking all things metaforming.

  4. I’ll be publishing my personal newsletter once a week but I’m going to put a paywall around it most likely; I usually share my most intimate thoughts in that little thing and I’d rather have a smaller, more intimate audience from here on out. This is not an advertisement in any way, shape, or form — it’s just what I’ve captured above in my new content schedule.

  5. Finally, I’ll be using @8BIT / @yenFTW daily (the floating “cloud” below the rest) as well as engaging directly in the growing YENIVERSE that I’m so excited to experience! This is what I’ve been dreaming all of my life and the first major part is going to drop this week — I can’t fucking wait!

So, hope that helps. I start this new routine / workflow… today!!

Over the next week — if you’re following closely — you’ll see some pretty dramatic transformations from both my personal brand (especially via Twitter if you haven’t already) and I’ll just let you know what’s going down: We’re launching BETA publicly this week!

🛑 — If you want a front-row seat to that then you’ll want to subscribe to our Product Hunt SHIP page — we’ll be dropping the “hunt” @ 12:01am Thursday morning, San Francisco (PST) time! Put that thing on your calendar! Don’t worry about “spam” after the launch as I plan on turning that service off right after we launch; it’ll be a one-time thing for most of you. I may even try to livestream the darn thing!

We’re going to need your help making it a really big thing; perhaps one of the biggest launches ever! We’ve got thousands of folks who have been waiting literal years for this launch:

As you can see, we’ve lost quite a few folks over the years as well — some folks just didn’t make the distance.

Oh well. Only the strong survive this game and the future belongs to the metacreator. I hope you join me in this exciting and bright future! And I hope to see some of you on Thursday morning in the early AM!!

🚀 — Let’s fucking go.