📻 — Remember Why You Started; Don’t Give Up, Backdown, or Quit

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Good morning yeniverse!

I had quite a weekend on Twitter; it seems that coming back to @8BIT as my main has awoken something fierce inside my soul that is thirsty for engagement. I may have overdone it this weekend, to be honest.

If you survived the storm then… thanks! I appreciate that. I’ll do my best to offend you as often as possible. Oh, and I’m moving back to SF today! Like, right now:

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To infinity & community,

— john

I had no idea that there was a “World Password Day” — of course there is. But this is very true:

You may not realize it, but passwords are the single biggest threat to your online security – they’re easy to steal, they’re hard to remember, and managing them is tedious. Many people believe that a password should be as long and complicated as possible – but in many cases, this can actually increase the security risk.

Complicated passwords tempt users into using them for more than one account; in fact, 66% of Americans admit to using the same password across multiple sites, which makes all those accounts vulnerable if any one falls. 

The best solution to this is actually having no password at all. Guess what? This is how we’ve built The YENIVERSE; so, we’re already ahead of the curve as a community.

From the archives of the vloggitty vlog.

Remember why you started your project; don’t give up and don’t back down. When I recorded this nearly 8 years ago I was obsessed with competition; I had this entirely wrong.

It can be disheartening and very discouraging which is why I now no longer obsess over my so-called “competition” because it does not actually matter. Every day we see the “highlight” reels of what’s working which usually accounts for < 5% of the actual startup business. The rest of the 95% is an absolute dumpster fire.

If you find yourself jealous then you’re heading down the wrong path because you’ve forgot your first love — your customers. You only need one (maybe two) core features that fundamentally drive 100X value for the folks that you love.

When I think about what we’re co-building together I think of you by name. I think of what you’re struggling with and what I know is true and what I know we’ve built. And I can’t wait to hang out more; it’s very, very close.

Talk soon. Don’t give up. Fuck the haters. There’s a place for you in the metaverse.