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Good morning yeniverse!

It’s been such a busy week that I decided to take a half-day yesterday! I spent the day with my 3.5 year old biking around the house, making fires, digging up worms, and effectively wasting our time doing cool shit that 3.5 year olds like to do.

That’s living folks… that’s the real juice!! 😂

I hope you’re finding time to do the same. It’s Friday, y’all! Here’s your daily dose:

  1. Measurement. Microsoft opens. Box sale? Notes like Kendrick. Hive index!

  2. Newspaper as platform? Bake it inChums. Good developer docsHype.

  3. Cookies & marketers. Nordstrom testing live shopping? Kill dronesWork.

  4. Wired on CH. Modern intranet. Try now. Ulysses 22ChatparseFellow.

  5. Sellforte. Telegram $150MMicrodiscord. Alt education. Life’s stories.

  6. Charter lotteries. Boyish zealTabs. Finance @ YCWellcome. Short, long.

  7. Jane. TikTok repeats mistakes. Prince Harry’s new job. Software won.

  8. 4 day work weekEllen. Text to video. Donuts for vaccine. HGTV renovation.

  9. Good vs Great leaders. Keyword surferAmbi. Working backwardsOdds.

  10. Air quality. Bedrock SaaSCoursemaker. Google page expSoapbox.

To infinity & community,

— john

Take notes people. Take notes.

The 15% Rule: The Zone of Safety, Danger, and Learning

The following points are via NFX:

  • The closer I hold my cards to my vest, the closer you’re going to hold yours to yours. And no relationship is going to get deepened in that.

  • I’m not advocating to tell everybody everything. We have a heuristic that I think is particularly useful. We call it the 15% rule. Think of it as three concentric circles.

  • The circle in the middle is the zone of safety, which is where you don’t think twice about what you’re saying.

  • The circle on the outside is called your zone of danger where you can’t imagine saying that to somebody.

  • The zone in the middle is called the zone of learning. And by the way, that’s the only way we learn is to step outside of our comfort zone.

  • I used to tell my students, no risk, no reward. My students used to say, “But Carole, the minute I’m outside of my safety zone, I’m terrified that I’ve gone past the learning zone and into the zone of danger.” So then we would say, “Why don’t you try 15% outside of your comfort zone? Just a little bit. You’ll know if you’ve said something that makes you a little uncomfortable.

I discovered that if you search “build in the open” (try it!) you’ll see this “Featured Snippet” that was automatically-created by Google.

This — obviously — is a huge win for our community and our project! Linking directly to our post in the IndieHackers community will give us a lot more attention and is a direct result of — unironically — building in the open!

This is another great example of how you win the battle for SEO! You make a goal(s), you build systems that work and are effective and repeatable, then you show up and you do the work. You hope for the best and you give it your very best.

Sometimes (most times) you won’t get the results you want; then, you’ll get results that you weren’t even asking for (like the Featured Snippet!). But the cool thing about the internet is that it rewards the creator and startup founder because they have the courage to build, to ship, and to share their learnings with others.

This is how you win folks. I promise you. This is how you win. Have a great weekend!